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 Speaking & Workshop Titles:

  • Building Resiliency. In modern workplaces challenge is a given. How your team reacts in the face adversity and its ultimate capacity to rebound — are critical elements to consider. In the past we have viewed resiliency as a trait — but in fact, there is every indication that it is “state-like” and can be affected through education. In this one-day workshop, we help your team prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best — through built awareness, mini-assessments and techniques.Crop - LinkedIn
  • How to Super-Develop in 30 Days (or less)
    Dr. Gottschalk brings her no-nonsense views on how to help your workplace become happier and more productive. Topics include aligning our strengths with our work, harnessing creativity, idea management and developing increased positivity at work. If your group requires a fresh perspective concerning their day-to-day work life — and taking personal responsibility to move forward — this conversation is key.
  • Let’s Face it Gen Y Was Right  (But We All Deserve the Good Stuff!)
    Wondering if your younger employees are fully engaged? As a Millennial researcher, Dr. Gottschalk understands this generation has been labeled.  However, this group is much more like other generations than you might think. Learn how to implement management strategies to help maximize not only their levels of engagement and performance — but that of your entire team.


To learn more about availability and fees simply complete the Contact Form or contact Joanna Finney at Joanna@1126Talent.com.

  • Single Topic Workshop – Half Day or Full Day (This includes presentation, supporting exercises.)
  • Single Topic Workshop Plus – (Half Day, plus 1/2 hour coaching session for each participant.)
  • Single Topic Presentation or Keynote – (30-45  minutes in length, plus Q & A)

All include:

  • A pre-engagement Skype discussion.
  • Review of your specific organizational goals.
  • Presentation and supporting one-page “leave behind”.
  • Completion of workshop or presentation.
  • Travel and accommodations not included in fee.

You can learn more about fees and availability by contacting Joanna Finney at Joanna@1126Talent.com.

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