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 Speaking & Workshop Titles:

  • Building Team Resiliency. In today’s modern workplaces, challenge is a given. How your team reacts in the face adversity, and its ultimate capacity to rebound, is a critical element to consider. In the past we have viewed “resiliency” as “trait-like” — but in fact, there is every indication that it is “state-like” — and can be affected through training. (An often overlooked development opportunity.) In this one-day workshop, we help your team prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best — through various activities, assessments and techniques.Crop - LinkedIn
  • How to Super-Develop in 30 Days (or less)
    Dr. Gottschalk brings her no-nonsense views on how to help your workplace become happier and more productive. Topics include aligning our strengths with the elements of our work, harnessing creativity, idea management and developing increased positivity at work. If your group requires a fresh perspective concerning their day-to-day work life — and taking personal responsibility to move forward — this conversation is key.
  • The Ugly Truth About Time Management.This workshop answers the question: Do you have a healthy relationship with time? Based upon Dr. Gottschalk’s popular blog post, it delves into the common problems that we face everyday with managing our time. At the core of the discussion — the problems — and the solutions rest with us.
  • Brand Yourself as a High Potential
    Building on her popular blog post, Dr. Gottschalk probes the “whys” and “hows” of making an impact in your career. She discusses the logical steps you can embark upon to build your brand (and your level of confidence) in the workplace.  But ultimately, the real power behind the transformation lies within you
  • How Not to Choose a Manager
    We’ve all heard the stories of managers who simply should not be managing. They breed frustration, exasperation and bewilderment — and their presence can wreak undeniable havoc within a workplace. Ineffective managers can spoil a workplace in no time flat, driving away the most talented of contributors. On the flip side of this, the appropriate selection, development and support of our managers, provides a tremendous opportunity for any organization to sustain itself. Learn strategies to tap into the most under-rated resource in organizations today.
  • How Not to Manage Introverts
    Do you supervise individuals that would describe themselves as an introvert? If the answer is “yes,” you may want to take a moment to examine how you manage them. In many cases, we hold misconceptions about introversion, which can lead to ill-fated supervisory decisions. This dynamic workshop gets extroverts and introverts in the same room to build mutual understanding, leading to a myriad of positive outcomes.
  • Why Focus Should be the Next “Big Thing”
    In this intriguing presentation, Dr. Gottschalk discusses our penchant for multitasking and how this impacts the quality of our work. She reviews the latest research in the area and offers guidance on how to build more focus into your work day.
  • How to Master Failure
    Recent media attention on the importance of failure, and its relationship to success have taken the world by storm. But, how do we process failure and learn how utilize it productively going forward? This presentation focuses on the need to acknowledge the emotional toll that failure can create and provides a strategy to move though it effectively. (Based upon her popular post as a LinkedIn Influencer.)
  • Let’s Face it Gen Y Was Right  (But We All Deserve the Good Stuff!)
    Wondering if your younger employees will ever fit in? As a Gen Y researcher, Dr. Gottschalk understands that this generation has developed its own “profile”. However, Generation Y is much more like other generations than you might think. Learn how to implement management strategies to help maximize not only their levels of engagement and performance — but that of your entire team.
  • Be More Like Da Vinci
    Ever wonder why your organization isn’t more innovative? You must begin with creativity. In this presentation Dr. Gottschalk helps decipher the world of innovation and guides your organization and employees onto a path of creativity. Learn how to tap the innovative potential that exists within your own organization and become idea rich.


To learn more about availability and fees, simply complete the Contact Form or contact Joanna Finney at Joanna@1126Talent.com.

  • Single Topic Workshop – Half Day or Full Day (This includes presentation, supporting exercises.)
  • Single Topic Workshop Plus – (Half Day, plus 1/2 hour coaching session for each participant.)
  • Single Topic Presentation or Keynote – (30–45  minutes in length, plus Q & A)

All include:

  • Pre-engagement discussion.
  • Review of content to meet specific organizational goals.
  • Development of presentation and supporting one-page “leave behind”.
  • Completion of workshop or presentation.
  • Travel and accommodations not included in fee.

You can learn more about fees and availability by contacting Joanna Finney at Joanna@1126Talent.com.

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