Skype with Dr. Gottschalk

Dr. Marla Gottschalk obsesses about building better work lives and stronger organizations.

She offers Skype strategy sessions to leaders/managers worldwide. See below for information about availability and fees.

She currently serves as a Consulting Psychologist with Rand Gottschalk & Associates, LLC.  She also serves on the Board of Directors at Jostle, a cloud-based people engagement platform.Crop - LinkedIn

As an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist, specializing in workplace success strategies and organizational change. Her goal is to blend the disciplines of psychology and business to help 21st organizations move forward confidently.

She is an avid blogger and a charter member of LinkedIn’s Influencer Program — with more than 1,000,000 followers worldwide. Her posts on work life have also appeared at Forbes, The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, The Muse, Talent Zoo, The BBC and The World Economic Forum.

Dr. Gottschalk has worked with a variety of organizations representing the automotive, hotel, computer, non-profit and airline industries. She has held project roles focusing upon attitude assessment, performance management, customer opinions and organizational development.

A trusted source in the media, Dr. Gottschalk offers a balanced view of workplace topics based in training and experience. She is a quoted expert on a variety of topics including career development, workplace challenges and mentoring — with her work shared at The World Economic Forum, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Philly Inquirer, CBS Money Watch, American Express Open Forum and other outlets worldwide.

You can connect with Dr. Gottschalk by leaving a comment below. Please identify your organization and current challenge. Please allow 1-2 weeks for scheduling. Skype session fees: $250.00 per hour.

Dr. Gottschalk received a Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Wayne State University, with a minor in Multivariate Statistics.
She has also earned a B.S. in Psychology from Michigan State University.


18 thoughts on “Skype with Dr. Gottschalk

  1. Hi Dr. Gottschalk, I`m one of your followers and I`met you via LI. I´ve an idea that I`d like to present to you with your special skills and background to make this world a little better for all humans! Perhaps we can get in touch via LinkedIn? Have a great day and best wishes from Germany!

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  2. Hi Dr.

    I would like to ask you about your thoughts on psychologically health and safety management systems. Currently canada has a standard For this management system that many companies are implementing.


  3. I am quite a fan of Dr. Gottschalk. Having worked in HR for over 30 years at a Fortune 50 company, her opinions and advice are spot on!

    Her articles and blogs should be required reading for all managers, and certainly for all newly appointed people leaders.

    Companies could grow and prosper if they learn to tap into the skills and work-style of the different generations of talented employees in the work force today.

    Recognizing most people work to earn an income, learn what you can from a bad fit or culture, then make a well, thought-out plan to move on.

    Life goes fast, unless you are miserable at work. Then only the weekend goes fast. Trust in yourself, your skills, experience, and education. The sooner you run to a job, not from a job, the happier and more productive you will be.

    My best advice: if you have Sunday night blues, dread, or a knot in your stomach, make a plan. This is not normal nor advisable for a healthy, happy life. Misery bleeds into ALL aspects of your life, trust me. You don’t need to live this way.

    And continue to follow and read Dr. Gottschalk ‘ s articles for knowledge, growth, courage, and recognition of your feelings. She is spot on!!


  4. God bless you & Your healthy.
    Nice to meet you.
    I am korean . SOUTH KOREA.
    I’m learning your wisdom.

    Have a nice day!


  5. Hi! Would you consider posting any insight on “Generation Y leading the aging populations in the workplace” on LinkedIn? I lead a team of recent top college grads who are a part of a rotational leadership development program in the aerospace, industrial and defense industries. I would love to see a post by you on this subject as it would give me an opportunity to have my young leaders engage in a meaningful dialogue on the subject. Thanks!

    Big fan of everything you’re doing!


  6. Hi, thanks for your reply. No, i am a lawyer, so close enough 🙂 Therefore, language matters/issued/problems are even more present in my occupation. However, i believe it is an issue in every foreign language working environment. It would be very interesting to read an analysis on the sppecific issues and obstacles it brings, and certainly on how they are overvome 🙂 Cheers, Sara


  7. Hi! I really enjoy your posts on linkedin! A though crossed my mind and I bet you have thought about this too, probably more than once. A grat deal of work is nowadays done in an office environment where the language is different from your mother tonge. Working in such a language environment sets a lot of different challenges for social and cultural interaction and communication. What i think would be a really important topic for an article in the theme of communication and social connections in the workplace is, for example, “How to keep professional in a different language environment” etc. There must be a great deal of people in this situation (i am one of them) and i would love to hear your views on this! Cheers, Sara


  8. I think your background seems quite appropriate. I don’t foresee a problem there. The difference is in orientation – an I/O psychology path is research based. An advanced degree in business such as an MBA with an organizational behavior focus would be less so. I believe that either path could work.


  9. Hello Dr. Gottschalk, I came across your blog just now, and wow I have to say that you are such an inspiration and I so look forward to reading more of your posts. I am aspiring to be a Industrial/Organizational Psychologist like you and to help people and organizations achieve their full effectiveness through behavioral science.

    I am close to receiving my bachelor’s degree in HR Management, and with that I would like to ask how much I should review or prepare myself for my graduate studies in I/O Psychology considering I have a weak background in the behavioral sciences. I took classes in General Psychology and Organizational Behavior, and everything else is more corporate and maths. And also, what should I expect in the field of I/O Psychology?

    Thank you very much! 🙂


  10. Dear Dr. Gottschalk,
    I enjoy reading your posts both on your blog and on LinkedIn.
    Please, I have a question, “In any given multicultural or diversified work environment, which of the two do you think has greater influence on employee interaction/communication; 1) temperament/personality and 2) national culture.
    Thank you


  11. Hi Dr. Gottschalk, I came across your blog and have a question, how important is the name of organization in reflecting what it does? In other words, what effect does it have on the culture. I am interested in locating any information that can help me convey this and I have been unable to locate anything, as such I am not sure if I am searching the correct terms.

    Thank you


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