Custom Diagnostics


Information is power — and evolution requires that we pose the “tough” questions. Powered with the answers,  your organization can meet challenges with confidence and empowerment. Does your organization have the facts that it needs to meet the challenges of today? Seeking a fresh perspective is a wise move.

  • Customized Engagement Surveys. Feeling engaged with our work is a much older concept than many may realize. Interestingly, the roots can be traced back to early theories concerning motivation and organizational membership. Today we know that engagement is correlated with organizational outcomes such as safety, innovation and financial performance — and has become a valued indicator of organizational health. Monitoring engagement levels in your group or organization is fundamental.
  • Culture Assessments. So what is the state of culture within your workplace? Culture can drive the performance of an organization. Does yours encourage creativity and innovation? Does your organization have the ability to attract the right talent? Gather the information that will help direct your culture efforts wisely.
  • Workforce Analytics. Wondering if a key group or department in your organization is prepared to move forward? Wondering how the talent “hot spots” of your organization will fare in the future? Information is power — and the answers you need are often readily available.
  • Performance Management Tools. The truth is that people leave managers — not organizations. Those who lead or manage others have the unique potential to serve as an energizing force within organizations today. Arm your managers with the tools they need to have the conversations with their  team that stimulate commitment, engagement and ultimately the retention of the “best and brightest”.
  • Psychological Contract Assessment. At the core of the relationship with work is the psychological contract — comprised of perceptions and beliefs concerning the exchange agreement that exists between you and your employees. Have you thought to examine this dynamic? In many cases, these contracts are never acknowledged or discussed openly —  a missed opportunity for many organizations. Learn how to open the dialogue and move forward.

Contact me here concerning developing the right tools for your group or organization.

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