Diagnostics 2.0

Information is power — and evolution requires that we pose the “tough” questions. Powered with the answers your team can meet challenges with confidence and empowerment.

I construct diagnostics to capture what you really need to know. (I also work with authors to develop assessments that reflect constructs explored in their work.) Does your organization have the facts that it needs to meet the challenges of today? Seeking a fresh perspective is always a wise move.

  • The Idea Eco-System. The root of innovation and progress is the idea. I’ll help you uncover if your team’s capability to respect, embrace and develop ideas is intact.
  • Culture Core Assessments. Going beyond “engagement” is the next great differentiator of healthy work environments. What is the state of cultural core within your workplace? Culture can drive the performance of an organization.  Does your organization have the ability to attract the right talent? Gather the information that will help direct your culture efforts wisely.
  • The Psychological Contract. At the core of the relationship with work is the psychological contract — comprised of perceptions and beliefs concerning the exchange agreement that exists between you and your employees. In many cases, these contracts are never acknowledged or discussed openly, and this is a missed opportunity for many organizations.

Contact me at LinkedIn concerning developing tools for your team, department or organization.


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