The Power of 3


In the design realm there is a well-known phenomenon named “The Power of 3”. It prescribes that when you desire to make an impact with color or pattern, it’s best to repeat them. The rule has been applied to other arenas as well — think of the “Rule of three” as applied to writing, the “Rule of thirds” in photography — or even the magical combination of the The 3 Tenors.

In work life, the power of 3 might help us to become better change agents. When contemplating change, we (as human beings) require multiple exposures to a new idea or path before it is finally woven into our work lives. (I believe this protects us on some level from charlatans and fads.) Time and time gain, I’ve seen worthy ideas posed, yet it  can take time and considerable energy for the bulk of the message to be absorbed. Often the moment for change is lost. (In fact, researchers who pose amazing theories often move on to new horizons, before we entirely catch up.)

Could we utilize the “Power of 3” to make those changes come to life in our own workplaces? When you do have an idea that warrants attention — let’s ensure that it has real impact. Here is one “tripod” of potential influence to consider:

  • Recognize the emotional response. You’ll know when this happens to you — the light bulb switches to the “on” position. You realize you are “on to something”. Inspiration has found you. You might think to yourself: “I do this and it works for me. Would this work for others?”, or “I used to do that, and I stopped. Now things are much, much worse. Is there a correlation?” Own those moments and offer them the deference they deserve.
  • Start the conversation. Express your idea (yes, out loud!) to someone else. Get feedback. Make improvements. Craft a meaningful conversation around the idea. Add a bit of research to round out your “platform”. (I think Nilofer Merchant’s TED Talk, about our penchant for sitting, represents this perfectly in less than 4 minutes! See it below.)
  • Capture the idea for others. Offer your idea a beautiful visual mechanism — so that your idea can continue, and be shared by others. Find the vehicle that best communicates your vision. You can explore great methods to grow its impact, such as Prezi, Ignite or Slideshare. You may even want to write a brief TED style talk.

Don’t rest until you’ve harnessed all 3 elements. Hopefully with this trio on your side, your ideas can take flight.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. She is the Director of Thought Leadership at Kilberry Leadership Advisors, Toronto. She is also serves as an Influencer at LinkedIn.

Photo: Don Bodio


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