Getting Over the Hump of “Hump Day”


Hump DayWednesdays — the grumpy “middle child” of the work week.  If only Wednesday could magically turn into a Friday, or dare I say, transform into Saturday.

While you might have breezed through Monday and Tuesday, somehow Wednesday just seems to be the day that “snags”. It can pull us down. It drags. You may find you struggle through meetings and “zone out” while others are speaking. Somehow the energy of the weekend has dissipated and you’re right in the thick of it all.

I’ve actually held a grudge against Wednesdays for years — and I don’t think that I am alone. It’s really a bit unfair. So, it’s time to change our tune.

Wednesday’s do not  have to be the day that we just need to “get through”. In this vein, here are a few strategies that might help make Wednesdays your favorite day of the work week:

  • Do what you love. Build in a stretch of time for something you enjoy work-wise. For example, a project or content area that really interests you. Even if the time increment is modest (say 20 minutes), you’ll feel more energized.
  • Get out of the building. Anoint Wednesdays as the day you make plans to leave the office (and yes, your computer) for lunch. Invite someone new to join you each week — someone who might have an interesting role or personality.
  • Contact someone you like. Do you have a favorite colleague or business contact? Allow yourself time to reach out to them on a Wednesday — a great way to boost both perspective and mood.
  • Laugh a little. Start out Wednesdays with a bit of workplace humor. Read a few New Yorker cartoons or listen to a clip from your favorite workplace inspired comedy movie.
  • Change things up. Make Wednesdays, a day of change. Disallow an annoying workplace behavior that probably isn’t doing you any favors — or revise the “status quo”. For example, go the entire day without contradicting someone or refrain from sending e-mails that could replaced by a walk down the hall. You get the idea.
  • Be nice. I mean — really nice. Make Wednesdays the day that you thank as many people as possible for adding something positive to your work life. Bring your “stars” a coffee drink or a danish, and vow to stop taking people for granted.
  • Build on a success. Review the events of last week and tease out a success. Write down 2 or 3 actions that would build on that progress — and keep the forward momentum going. Now follow through.

How do you get through “Hump Day”? Share your strategies.

Image: Geico

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is a Workplace Psychologist. She also writes for Linkedin and US News & World Report.


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