My Single Workplace New Year’s Resolution

change12It’s the New Year.

With that occasion comes a host of resolutions, ideas and hopes for the future. (I’m sure you have a honed set by this point.) The beginning of a new year offers the possibility of change — and the hope of future opportunities for fulfillment and success.

This year, why not commit to a single resolution. Not something micro-specific or ultimately unattainable. One resolution that has broader staying power, that might serve as a “guide” going forward. A framework — so to speak — that will help with both spur of the moment decisions and long-standing dilemmas.

One choice this year could be a commitment to evolve.

Change is one of the few constructs that we can depend upon in our work lives — as it is ever-present. We can either fear the changes that can loom over us, or become poised to face them and move forward. Ultimately, if we cannot muster the courage to move with those changes we can become lost.

This year, I’ll attempt to evolve in a manner that allows me to embrace both the opportunities and the challenges that come my way. I’ll commit to making the choice that drives me forward. I am certain that this evolution may not always appear elegant or effortless. However,  I will try my best to adjust and move with the flow. I cannot promise more than that.

How might you evolve this year? I would love to know.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and coach.  Read more of her posts at LinkedIn.


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