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You may have already read my posts at Linkedin or US News & World Report — but here’s more about my background. I am an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist that blends the disciplines of psychology and business, to help organizations and employees move forward effectively.  I’m committed t0 develop strategies that align work with strengths. Often we personally hold roles that do just the opposite — and this can be quite destructive.

With thoughtful collaboration and an honest assessment, you can shift the focus toward the elements of work that fuel engagement, energy and effectiveness.

Coaching. A great career simply doesn’t happen by chance. At specific points, it becomes necessary to push “pause” to consider your path and reflect. I’ve helped people all over the world identify their strengths, set goals and develop short and long-range career plans. All sessions are delivered on Skype, so international clients are welcome.

  • Introductory “Power” Session. If you feel you need to clear the air and discuss what’s a muck in your work life — this is right choice. But, be prepared. Setting a new course is hard work, so be ready to really delve into the conversation and do your homework.
  • Career Pivot. If you are preparing for a career change or pivot, we’ll need more time to assess who you are and where you should be going.
  • Mentor on Call. Sometimes you need a little support for what “comes up” over the course of time. A great option for many, you won’t feel alone in your career journey.

Schedule a session using the contact form.

Workplace Consulting. Most organizations have the ability to achieve a healthy “state” and evolve. But, you must to truly understand your people, processes and culture, to make that a reality. We’ll start with your current issues, review the history of leadership, your customers, products and launch from there. The  process works well —  and coupled with targeted diagnostic tools, the direction of your organization can shift.

  • Step 1: Organizational History
    Who are your customers? Leaders? What challenges has the organization faced? What are the challenges you will face in the near future?
  • Step 2: Problem Definition
    What symptoms are you currently experiencing? How has this affected the organization and your employees?
  • Step 3: Discovery
    What is getting in the way of healthy growth? Do your processes support effectiveness or hinder it?
  • Step 4: Attack Obstacles
    What can be changed to improve the situation (short and long-term)? How can these changes be measured?
  • Step 5: Support the Business Going Forward
    Support the structure of your business for future opportunities and growth.

Where might your organization want to go?
Common goals:

  • Retaining the “best and the brightest”.
  • Addressing a “negative vibe” within the organization.
  • Becoming more flexible and innovative.
  • Aligning people with their strengths.
  • Gaining a keen competitive edge.

Schedule a Skype consultation using the contact Form.

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